Yesterday Was a Fun Work Day

I have to say that yesterday was one of the best work days I've ever had.  Why?  Well, because Dale Holder, the chair of TAA's food drive, and I got to drop off about $14,100 dollars at Second Harvest and then we got a tour of their operation (The money that we raised through the food drive was helped greatly by an anonymous $10,000 donation). And here's the reason I was so excited to drop off the donation: given Second Harvest's buying power every $1 donated equals about 12 cans of food, so the money we dropped off will buy about 170,000 cans of food. If you include the food and financial donations that were sent directly to Second Harvest before our grand finale on Tuesday then we were able to get them about 207,000 cans of food.   

SecondHarvestEmptyRoomOur tour was given courtesy of Marcia Cole, Second Harvest's Director of Development and Community Relations, and it drove home the fact that Second Harvest is still in serious need of assistance.  Take a look at the picture I took with my phone and you'll see a rather large room that is still way too empty.

The problem for Second Harvest is that even though donations are up this year, the need for help is up even more.  Add to that the fact that North Carolina's budget problems have delayed the normal state contributions and you have what Clyde Fitzgerald, Second Harvest's Executive Director, calls "a perfect storm."  Want to help?  Here's a couple of ways:

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