Heading Back to Green

I’ve spent the last week in Vegas on business and I can’t wait to get home to NC. I really miss the color green, and although it was something like 900 degrees in Vegas I wouldn’t know because I was in a conference center, thus I’m also looking forward to seeing the sun again.

BTW, it rained in Vegas while I was there and I learned that the news folks there treat rain like we treat snow in NC. They rolled out team coverage with quadruple Doppler technology to let everyone know that when you get a cloudburst that produces 1/10 of one inch of rain the ground gets wet and the roads get slick. They also want you to know that the cumulative rain total for June is 1/10 of one inch and that they are just as capable of finding the dumbest people in the city for “man on the street” interviews as the news folks in NC are. Oh,, and 109 is frickin’ hot.

Yep, looking forward to getting home. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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