Cool Winston-Salem Habitat for Humanity Program Involving High School Groups

I came across this item from a news site in Loudoun County, Virginia and it piqued my interest since that's right down the road from where I lived much of my life before moving to the Winston-Salem area.  Essentially it's a story about 10 high school football players from Park View High School spending a week at the Winston-Salem Habitat for Humanity assisting on some of the houses.  Here are some excerpts:

The Habitat trip began April 5 when the participating players and chaperons departed from Park View. On the drive to Winston-Salem, players were given the opportunity to visit four colleges (Liberty University, Virginia Tech, Winston-Salem State University and Wake Forest University).

After arriving at the Habitat Forsyth office, players were shown their living quarters for the week — a loft above the Habitat Re-Store that featured two large rooms with military-style cots for sleeping, a kitchen, a table tennis room and a living room with a TV and DVD player. Below the loft were bathrooms with showers and a laundry room. While the living facilities were not luxurious, it held an aura of tradition as every group to have volunteered and stayed in the Habitat loft had left a wall mural representing their school.

The Park View football players went through an orientation where they learned a little about the Habitat process and the people for whom the Habitat houses are built. Many players were surprised to learn that Habitat did not simply provide homes for free, but offered financial responsibility classes for homeowners and actually sold the homes at an extremely low price with a no-interest mortgage…

The second day saw the group work on a different project, the Youth United house. Youth United is a volunteer program that was intriguing to the Park View group. Ten high schools in the Winston-Salem area banded together to raise $55,000 to sponsor the building of a Habitat house. They also worked to provide volunteers to help build the home…

Many of the members of the Habitat trip will be returning to the Winston-Salem area this July when they plan to participate in the Wake Forest University Passing Camp. One of the houses the players worked on may be ready to be handed over to a family by July, and the home dedication ceremony could be when the Patriots are in town.

I really like a few things about this story.  First, it's a great way to get kids involved in Habitat projects.  Second, it's a great way for Habitat to get more hands on deck for their projects and get the word out to the next generation about their programs.  Third, it's a great way to introduce the Piedmont Triad to kids from other regions. Fourth, it's a great way for some high school kids to do good while also working on their own futures with visits to universities.  Finally, it can't hurt the local schools' recruiting that they had those kids visiting their campuses (not to mention Wake's football program).

Biggest surprise of the story to me?  The fact that Habitat houses visiting groups in the loft over the Re-Store.  I had no idea.

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