Recent Rain Fills Reservoirs and My Front Yard

According to this story at WXII the rain over the past weekend combined with the snow has gone a long way to catching us up on our yearly rainfall totals.  Local reservoirs are approaching full which is a good thing.

Here on the home front the rain fall has exacerbated our septic issues.  To catch you up on what I'm talking about:
  • During the really rainy spell in December and January we notice a muddy patch in our lawn near the road that runs in front of our house.
  • Muddy patch occassionally smells a little funky. 
  • We get septic tank pumped and that seems to help. 
  • We notice that whenever it rains a lot we get the return of the funky smell.  
  • Three weeks later we notice that the patch is still there and call a septic repair guy who's the friend of a friend.  He recommends we have the county come out to look at it.
  • A very helpful representative from the Forsyth County health department comes last week and says that while our system isn't failing our septic lines are saturated.  Basically we don't have enough septic lines for the number of people living in our house.  That's actually good news compared to what we were worried about (total failure and system replacement). 
  • He lays out a plan for more lines in our yard (thankfully we have plenty of room) and pending a test showing that our soil percs well we will get a permit to put in those lines some time in the next five years (if the system was failing we'd have 30 days). 

So that brings us to this weekend.  I'd dug a hole about two feet deep and three feet in circumference to get to the lid of our septic tank so that the county guy could access it if he needed it.  I decided to leave the hole in case I needed to call the septic pump guy to empty our tank again.  Well, when we got the monsoon over the weekend that hole started to fill with water and I worried that a couple of bad things might happen: one, the concrete lid might start leaking some of the stuff inside the tank into the water in the hole, or two, that the water would freeze overnight and crack the lid.  So guess what?  Sunday after church I was the idiot bailing water out of a hole in the middle of massive rain showers and then filling it with mud.  I'd love to know what my neighbors were thinking when they drove past.

Here's where we stand now:  We're waiting for the permit from the county so that we can get the septic contractor out here to put in our new lines.  We're probably looking at a couple of weeks before everything is done, and in the interim our yard is saturated.  Luckily it's not sewage, it's just that the gray water has nowhere to go so it sits on top of the ground and provides us with the occassional whiff of putridity (Is that a word?).  It smells kind of like swamp.

While the good citizen in me realizes that we need the rain the selfish homeowner is hoping for a three week drought.

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