Snow Day and Why I Won’t Qualify as a Good Samaritan This Week

Last night's snow was easily the most significant of my family's five winters here. There's finally enough white stuff to actually do some real sledding or snowball fighting.

I have a sad admission to make: last night after we went to bed we heard a truck go by the house and then we heard some spinning wheels for a minute or two.  My wife asked me if I thought it was the neighbors and I said no that it wasn't one of their cars because I would have recognized the sound.  The sound went away so I figured that whoever it was had gotten firm traction and taken off and after that I didn't think much of it.  Then this morning I went out to get the newspaper (yes it was delivered on time this morning so big time kudos to our newspaper delivery folks) and saw that a pickup truck was stuck in my neighbor's yard.  Now I'm feeling guilty that I didn't get out of bed to check it out and see if someone did indeed need help.  Of course if they need help today I'll be all over it since guilt is a powerful motivator.

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