Wake Forest University Library Blogs

If you would like to see a nice sampling of different ways to use a blog you should check out the blogs hosted by the Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University.  Here's just a couple of examples:

  • Spring Break\'08: Arkansas – My first reaction when I saw the title was, "Who goes to Arkansas for spring break?" but once I looked at it I realized that the blog was put together by some students who did a service project in Arkansas over spring break.  Excellent example of a project-based blog that has a defined life span.  I really enjoyed the April 14, 2008 post:
    "I have received great news from Benny that at least 2 of the students
    we worked with at Stephens High School have been admitted to and are
    planning to attend college.  Its so incredible and inspiring to think
    that in a few short days this type of difference could be made. 
    Imagine what would happen if we, as a society, made long-term
    investments in our youth.  It might just change the world!  I challenge
    each of you to think about how you might do that and if we work
    together, maybe we’ll see social justice prevail."
  • Research Hacks – A blog that hasn't been updated since December '07 but still has relevance.  Just goes to show that a blog doesn't have to be continually updated to have value.
  • Library Suggestion Box – I love this idea: a blog that is clearly labeled as a suggestion box for the library.  Every company should do this, and I think I've found the worlds easiest answer to "Why should my company have a blog?"

One thought on “Wake Forest University Library Blogs

  1. lauren pressley

    Thanks for the kind comments… and reminding me that the Research Hacks blog might actually be a useful one to maintain. 🙂 Libraries are doing some interesting things with blogs and social media. It’s a fun time to be in the field!


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