Want to Know Where All Those Textile Jobs Have Gone?

People in these parts have become accustomed to hearing about textile plant closings and mass layoffs by textile companies.  We also know that those jobs went overseas, but do we know exactly where all those clothes we're wearing get made now?  If you're curious check out  whereamiwearing.com which is a blog written by a guy named Kelsey Timmerman who decides to travel the world to see where his clothes are made.  There's also a book by the same title and truth be told the blog has a lot more than just his exploration of where his clothes are made. Still, it's a site that might be of particular interest to the folks here in the Piedmont Triad who have been so directly impacted by the textile industry's massive shift to overseas production.  Here's a link to his page with posts categorized as Where I'm Wearing Today: Adventures of an Engaged Consumer, which is as good a place to start as any.

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