Puppy Farts

I'm sitting here working away with the two dogs asleep nearby on the floor.  One dog is our six year old, 80 pound black lab named Arthur, the other is our approximately seven month old, 31 pound mutt named Mia.  As they sleep I hear a "phhht" sound every few minutes and then smell what can best be described as re-heated road kill.  You'd think the sound and odor assault was coming from that fat old codger Arthur, but you'd be wrong; it's emanating from the mini-mutt.  What makes it particularly annoying is that she occasionally wakes herself up, leans over and sniffs her butt as if to say "Hmm, that's a good vintage" and then promptly goes back to sleep and leaves me to suffer through her output.

Rest assured as soon as I'm done typing I'm waking the dogs up and sending them outside before I suffocate.  It's worse than the kids' dirty diapers ever were.


3 thoughts on “Puppy Farts

  1. yarddawg

    Wow! A blog post about Fido Flatulance. I admit it caught me off guard. According to Mrs Yarddawg I could could give the mini-mutt Mia a run for her money.


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