Exception That Proves the Rule?

Last year I got to go see Wake Forest play Florida State in football and I remember two things clearly: seeing coaching legend Bobby Bowden up close (my uncle, cousins and I were sitting in the stands behind the FSU bench) and that the FSU football team was experiencing some embarrassing PR over some of their players' behavior and grades which led to some very funny comments from the jokers in the stands. This wasn't too surprising because, let's be honest, FSU has not had a reputation for stressing the "student" part of "student athlete."

So it was surprising to see this story about starting FSU safety Myron Rolle missing the first half of Saturday's crucial Maryland game because he was busy interviewing for, and winning, a Rhodes Scholarship.  Even more surprising is that Rolle became the third FSU student in three years to win a Rhodes Scholarship, and the second student athlete after FSU's national shot put champion Garrett Johnson won a scholarship three years ago.

But, I'm not going to cut the school too much slack.  One good story doesn't balance out stories like this one concerning 25 players not traveling to a bowl game last year (many due to academic ineligibility) or this one about this year's crop of receivers having all kinds of problems (the word "brawl" is not good for a program).  Unfortunately it's these kind of stories that regularly come out of Tallahassee.

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