Recession Tools – PayPal’s Pay Later Service and Better Places Than the Mattress

I've added a new category to the blog called "Recession Tools" and hopefully won't have to update it to "Depression Tools".  Here you'll find little tid-bits of info I stumble across that might be helpful in surviving these tough economic times.  Today I have two items for you:

PayPal Introduces a Pay Later ServiceSaw this item in the Wall Street Journal this morning. Starting this Friday PayPal is going to test a service that offers an online line of credit that will allow online shoppers to delay payment.  It works like a store that offers you 0% financing for six months, and if you pay it off before the deadline then you've basically had six months of interest free financing.  Of course if you're not paid off by the deadline you'll pay interest on the entire amount.  PayPal members who are approved for the credit will have until April 1, 2009 to pay their bill.  Obviously PayPal wants to juice online purchases for the holidays, but as long as you pay your bill why not do your shopping from the comfort of your home?

Good Places to Stash Cash in Your House: The Consumer Reports blog has some tips on the best places to stash cash in your house.  Of course this assumes you have cash and that you think there's gonna be an apocalyptic sequence of events involving bank runs and the failure of the FDIC, but stranger things have happened right?  BTW, my personal favorite is in a plastic bag taped to the inside of the toilet tank.

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