So I Went to Church and Voted

This is my third election since moving to North Carolina and I still find it weird that my polling place is a church, and coincidentally it's my church.  Obviously it doesn't bother me in the least; I'm quite comfortable there, but I wonder how it feels for anyone in my voting district who may be Atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Agnostic or some other -ish/-ist/-ic?  I'm not sure how I'd feel if the polling place was in a pagan temple, but I'm pretty sure I'd rather be in a school or library.

Anyhow, there was literally no line when Celeste and I entered the church, nor when we left.  I was the 907th voter tallied by the voting machine some time after 2:00 this afternoon.  Back in '04 I stood in line for 45 minutes to register/sign in and another 45 minutes to actually cast my vote.  You may remember that was a slightly contentious election too.  Me thinks the heavy early voting really helped keep the crowds down.  I didn't blog my '06 voting experience, but I remember it going smoothly, which is no surprise since it was one of those 'tweener elections that get about 20% turnout.

BTW, I split the ticket as always.  Some Democrats, some Republicans and one Libertarian.  It felt good to spread the wealth.

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