Now There are Three That I Know Of

I've had a Google Alert set up for "jon lowder" for a while now, and usually it doesn't return anything other than a blog post I've written or something related to work.  Every once in a while I do get alerts that cause me to sit up and pay attention.  One came last year when I apparently hit a home run in a high school baseball game in Oklahoma or some such place.  Ends up there's a high school kid who's a pretty good athlete that shares my name.

This morning I got an alert that I'd lost my job.  Of course that perked me right up and I quickly clicked through to the article referenced in the alert.  It appears that there's another fella with my name who's about five years younger than me and living in Colorado.  He lost his job over the summer and he was being interviewed on CNN about the presidential election.  So, while I feel for my namesake I'm glad to know that I have my job for at least another day.

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