Home Archaeology


The strange saga of living in our house continues.  Honestly, I have enough stories about this money pit that I should put together a book.  Here’s the latest: we are replacing two of the bathtubs in the house, and one in particular is an urgent job because the bottom of the tub feels like it’s going to fall out when you stand on it.  When the tub was pulled out we discovered a hole in the sub-floor near where the front of the tub had been.  That’s why it felt like the whole thing was going to cave in when you got in to take a shower.


But what was found next might explain the state of things in what we now fondly call La Casa de Dinero Hornacho.  Under the tub was a perfectly preserved empty Budweiser can of a vintage not seen in twenty years (pictured to the left).  It’s made of real aluminum, thus it’s thicker than today’s cans, and it had a pull tab.  One of these days I fully expect to find Jimmy Hoffa’s mummy behind one of our walls.

2 thoughts on “Home Archaeology

  1. ficksterd

    You must of had the same contractor that we did…We just remodeled one of our bathrooms and found the same style of Budweiser cans in one of the walls we were tearing out…Our house also seems to be a money pit as everything was cheaply done and anywhere they could cut a corner they did. Don’t expect to find hoffa in ours but wouldn’t be surprised to find the remains of some low level thug…which might account for some of the odd smells. Good luck.


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