North Carolina’s 4th and 5th Districts Could Be Interesting in a Month

Thank God we only have a little more than a month until "Decision 08" as the tee-vee folks have dubbed this year’s election. That said I think there might be some interesting developments in two of North Carolina’s Congressional districts this year.

I’m beginning to believe that populist Democrat Roy Carter might have a chance at taking out Virginia Foxx.  She’s having a hard time painting him as a typical dirty-word-liberal, and her close ties to the Bush administration aren’t helping her. I’m not sure how the whole Wall Street bailout thing is going to work for her, because the last I heard she might be one of the House Republicans against the deal.  It might end up being a plus for her to be able to say she fought against bailing out the "fat cats on Wall Street", but on the other hand she might be too closely associated with the folks that got the country into this mess.

Over in the NC-4 Democratic incumbent David Price should be a lock in that district, but I’m getting the sense that challenger BJ Lawson might give Price a tougher run than people would imagine.  If nothing else I think Lawson is providing a lesson to other candidates in how to use the web as a campaign tool.  He has a very good blog while Price has a website that looks like something straight out of 1999 without any real substance. A perfect example of how much stronger Lawson’s online presence is, check out his extensive blog post about the government bailout versus the absolute lack of information on Price’s site.  Price doesn’t even have the typical, lame press release which of course makes his site uber-lame.

BTW, the only reason I found Lawson’s blog was because of the bailout post, which showed up in today in one of my Google Alert updates.  Google’s love of blogs is in and of itself a great reason for any candidate to have a blog.  Others would include the ability to communicate directly with constituents, the ability to frame an agenda without relying on mass media, and looking a little less out of it to the increasingly influential Millenial voters.

Back over in my home district I just found Virginia Foxx’s updated web presence which includes a blog and links to online video and pictures.  My hat’s off to her and her campaign, because it’s a vast improvement on her old site.   She’s only posted twice to her blog, but hopefully that will change as we enter the last month of the campaign.  She should check out her fellow Republican over in the NC-4 for a look at how it’s done.  Foxx’s opponent doesn’t have a blog, but he also has online video and links to Facebook and MySpace where he has profiles that look like they need to be fed and watered.

1 thought on “North Carolina’s 4th and 5th Districts Could Be Interesting in a Month

  1. Ray McKinnon

    Thanks for the post and the compliments to BJ. We really are working hard over here and we believe that we will win out because freedom and good government are popular.
    BJ’s appeal is far reaching. I met this guy when I was working on the campaign of the Jr. Senator from New York. His message is one of principle, freedom, respect for the Constitution and for the constituents whom he wishes to serve.
    Be the Change; vote Lawson in the 4th District!
    Ray McKinnon, Field Organizer


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