Upgraded Time Warner

Today we had our service from Time Warner Cable (TWC) upgraded.  We went from standard cable plus RoadRunner service to Digital Cable, plus RoadRunner and the TWC wireless network service.  I’d networked the house with a bunch of Linksys gear a long while back, but it’s been problematic for Celeste in her office with the signal usually being too weak for her to work effectively.  I’d tried every thing I could think of to boost the signal, but to no avail.  We’re giving their network gear a try to see if it’s any better, and since our overall monthly bill only went up $10 it’s essentially a bunch of free gear with added stations via digital cable.  If she still has problems then we might start looking at alternatives like DSL.

But that’s not the main reason I’m writing about this.  The real reason is to highlight some of the positives and negatives of the transaction.  I’ll start with the positives:

  • I called just yesterday to upgrade and they scheduled us for first thing this morning.
  • The technician showed up early.
  • The technician was very friendly and courteous.
  • The digital TV worked as advertised on the TV in the living room which is the most important one in the house.
  • I now have an incredible number of sports stations available (unfortunately still no NFL Network, so no Redskins-Bears game for me on Thursday).

Now for the negatives:

  • The rep on the phone never asked me how many TVs we wanted the digital for, and I never thought to ask if I had to ask for digital boxes for each TV.  Consequently the technician had only one box with him and I’ll have to request another call if we want boxes on all our TVs.  They’ll run us $8.95 per month for each box.  We still get standard cable on our other TVs so we may not need them anyway, but it’s annoying that they didn’t even give us the option.
  • The phone rep also had me down for wanting TWC’s DVR service.  I never asked for it because I already have TIVO. Celeste had to call to get them to take it off the order.
  • The installation of the modem/router on my computer  went fine, but when the tech tried to set up Celeste’s wireless access it didn’t go well. TWC’s gear is all Netgear and when he plugged the USB access point into the computer and then tried to launch the setup disk it didn’t work.  In fact WindowsXP wouldn’t acknowledge any wireless networks, not even the old Linksys. We looked through the instructions together and figured out that he needed to run the software first and then plug in the gear.  He did that and it still didn’t work. At that point he called another tech guy and scheduled him to come out and I signed for everything and he left.  After he left I played with the computer and decided to uninstall the Linksys software that had been installed for the old network and then try to reload the Netgear stuff.  I did that, but the Netgear software still didn’t launch, however I was able to see a wireless network in the Windows task tray and so I used the XP network setup and got the wireless to work.
  • The tech guy never showed me how or where he’d configured the network settings and he never asked me if I wanted it secure or not.  Guess who’s new network was wide open and naked to the world!  But like I said I’ve been through this before and knew that he’d probably left the IP address of Netgear’s configuration page in the browser.  Sure enough it was there and he’d been good enough to click the "save password" box in the pop-up window that asks for your ID and password.  Unfortunately I have no idea what the password is so I can’t change it even if I want to.  That also means if the cookie with that info gets deleted I’m hosed. I should have asked him for all the info before he left, but it didn’t occur to me until too late. Still, at least for now I can get in and set up the encryption so that our network isn’t being used by every 15 year old in a 1/2 block radius (there’s at least two of them).
  • I use Vonage for my phone service.  The tech informed me that he didn’t think Vonage worked on their system and at first that appeared to be true, but after I got Celeste’s wireless set up I reconfigured the router/Vonage box alignment in my office and it is working beautifully.  it’s a positive that I got my Vonage to work, but a negative that the tech didn’t know how to do it.  In his defense he may not have been allowed to set it up since TWC probably wanted me to get their $44/month VOIP service in lieu of my $25/month Vonage service.
  • There’s no guide for the digital cable service, because apparently TWC has run out of them.  That means I’m going to have to really play around with it to figure it out.  That’s kind of how I do things anyway, but there are certain details I’ll need.  Prime example: I want to enlist parental controls but I need to know what the default PIN on the system is before I can change it.  I don’t have that handy piece of information and it is kind of important now that we have pay per view (PPV) capabilities and some of those PPV capabilities include,uh, adult entertainment.  Did I mention that we have teenagers and they have friends?  This could cost us big if I don’t get this info soon.

The long and the short of it is that TWC sent out a guy who did the best he could, but they obviously haven’t provided strong enough training on the wireless network set up.  If he’d done the set up for any number of my family members or friends they’d be hosed right now because they haven’t wasted their time messing around with wireless networks on any level.  Ah well.

Now I’m off to find out what my PIN is on the digital TV box before I end up with a bunch of teenage boys watching "Hot College Girls Get Crazy" in my living room while I’m out of the house.

5 thoughts on “Upgraded Time Warner

  1. darkmoon

    Actually, I think that it’s TWC’s policy not to set passwords. They’re supposed to tell you how to do it though for wireless networks.
    Don’t buy their wireless network. Waste of money. It’s basically cable modem hooked up to a wireless hook up. You can boost your own Linksys signal actually, but it’s a bit late on that.
    Vonage wise, you’re one of the lucky ones. For both of my Netgear routers, I had to set up my ATA outside of the router. Netgear has a tendency to run SPI firewalls which do not actually route correctly even if your ATA is in the DMZ zone.
    What I wanna know is…. if you go from analog to digital, does a 1080p tv look better? If so, does it cost more? Cuz it sure sounds like it does.

  2. Jon Lowder

    I KNEW you’d comment on this one. I actually should have emailed you before doing all this, but didn’t think of it until too late.
    FYI, I don’t see using their networking stuff as a waste of money because I’m essentially getting a couple hundred dollars of gear for free and the additional charge on my bill is roughly $4/month. By the time I rack up a few hundred in fees I’ll probably have moved on to another set up any way.
    As for the TV I still have an analog large screen TV (planning on buying a digital TV in a bit), and I can tell you that simply by having the cable go through the digital box our picture is much crisper. If I had to put a number on it I’d say 30-40% better. Whether an actual digital TV will improve that more I have no idea, but to be honest I’ve not been that blown away by my friends’ HDTVs so I don’t plan on spending really big dollars. I’m going to concentrate on finding a piece of hardware that’s good, but also fits the room. Honestly it’s more of a furniture decision.

  3. Leatherwing

    If you really want to change the password, you can just reset the router with the reset switch (paperclip in the back) and go back to factory default. Those are available online. He probably didn’t change that much from the default and it sounds like you’re astute enough to reconstruct what he did.


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