Know Any Good Chiropractors in Winston-Salem?

Our kids went back to school yesterday (an event that should be recognized as a national holiday for all adults) and the oldest, Michael, had his first day of high school.  Celeste and I both went with him to his open house last week and we both realized that our boy was going to be hoofing it all day to get from class to class.  His school is a weird mish-mash of eleven buildings connected by covered walkways and he has five minutes to get from one building to another since none of his classes are in the same building on consecutive periods.  That means that he realistically has no chance of using his locker except maybe at lunch, which means that he has to carry all of his books with him.

Unfortunately each and every teacher is requiring Michael to carry a separate notebook in addition to his textbooks.  Surprise, surprise they don’t all fit in his backpack.  Yesterday he observed that many upperclassmen at his school carried second bags so when he got home yesterday he asked if he could get one.  Celeste went out and found him the kind of bag he requested so now he is fully armed and loaded.  The result is the picture you see at the top of this post.

During the open house Michael’s teachers all informed us that he will have homework every night which means he has to drag all this stuff home every day on the bus.  By my calculations he’s going to have that load on his back for about 45 minutes every day, minimum.  The positive spin on this is that he’s getting a workout every day, while the negative spin is that he’s going to likely become familiar with the best bone cracker we can find in Winston-Salem. 

4 thoughts on “Know Any Good Chiropractors in Winston-Salem?

  1. Jon Lowder

    Unfortunately rollers would be totally impractical at his school because of the layout, and I’m not sure but I think they may not be allowed in the school. I know that at least one of our kids’ schools outlawed them (not sure which one), but it just wouldn’t work at West anyway. Thanks for the lead on the backpack.
    I went to a really small school my last three years of high school so I didn’t have to deal with all that junk, but even my freshman year at Washington-Lee (Arlington, VA) I was able to get to my locker about every other class. A big part of that was that the school was one building and you were pretty much guaranteed of passing somewhere near your locker between classes. Still, hauling all that crap home wasn’t fun then either.

  2. Lauren

    I found your blog a few weeks ago from a mention in the W-S Journal (related to a story about Alan Snow, I think) and have been reading ever since… I just put two and two together tonight and realized that your daughter was in my cabin at Laurel Ridge last summer. Erin is terrific, I really enjoyed getting to know her (and was sorry I couldn’t counsel at Jr High again this year). I hope she and your other children have a great beginning to the school year!

  3. Jon Lowder

    Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading. I’ll let Erin know that you stopped by (virtually speaking) and thanks so much for saying she’s terrific. Of course we think so, but it’s nice to know that others do too. She really enjoyed camp last summer (she did the Mission Camp this year) and thanks for making her time such a good one.
    School’s going well so far. We had no problems getting them up the first two days, but now that the excitement has worn off we had a little harder time today.
    Hope all is going well for you too.


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