Mr. Destiny

Via Jake’s comment on an earlier post I learned that the movie Mr. Destiny was filmed right here in Winston-Salem.  In a follow up email he informed me that Jim Belushi’s high school baseball team in the movie was played by the Mt. Tabor high school team at the time and the opposing team was played by RJ Reynolds’ team.  I checked out the movie’s listing on IMDB and found the following locations listed for filming:

  • Biltmore Estate, 1 Approach Rd., Asheville
  • Ernie Shore Field, 401 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem
  • Graylyn Conference Center, 1900 Reynolda Rd., Winston-Salem
  • Grecian Corner, 101 Eden Terrace, Winston-Salem

I think I’m gonna have to rent it just to look for the landmarks.

5 thoughts on “Mr. Destiny

  1. ricki

    There was also a scene filmed one night at a home in Buena Vista. I was there gawking with the other on-lookers.

  2. RagingHormones

    Some of it also was filmed at what was then the RJR World Headquarters building. I was working there at the time and stood in one of the offices and watched them filming in the parking lot. The film crew and actors were there for several days. They were always very personable if you happened to meet them in an elevator. They painted the name of Jim Belushi’s character in one of the parking spaces (L.J. Burrows?). You could still read it a year or so later. There also was a scene filmed in the Board Room.


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