If You Don’t Believe Me Then Believe Smitty’s Readers

A little while back I wrote that Esbee’s Life in Forsyth is the best blog in Winston-Salem or about Winston-Salem.  It seems that the readers of Smitty’s Notes, THE online resource for all things related to having fun in Camel City, agree with me.  They voted Life in Forsyth the best blog and a blog I’d not yet heard of, alphabitch.org, came in second.  Yours truly pulled in an honorable mention along with Otterblog, UrbanPlanet (The NC Triad) and JoeJon.

Since I didn’t even know that Smitty was running the contest I’ll have to thank whoever voted for me since it wasn’t me.  If I’d known about it I’d have had every living or dead being I know stuff the ballot box, but alas my chance to behave like a Chicago mayor has come and gone.

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