More Fallout from the Mr. Snow Situation at Lewisville Elementary?

We just received an automated phone call that stated that Lewisville Elementary School principal Ron Rash is transferring to South Fork Elementary.  No mention as to why, but I’ve already gotten one comment on a previous post about the Mr. Snow situation asking if anyone knew why Mr. Rash was transferring.  I think anyone with more than one functioning brain cell would assume that the transfer is a direct result of the events surrounding Mr. Snow’s suspensions this past year, but I doubt we’ll ever know for sure.

Also, I have to ask if anyone’s surprised that it’s been 28 days since the announcement of Mr. Snow’s second suspension and there hasn’t been an update from the schools or the sheriff?

18 thoughts on “More Fallout from the Mr. Snow Situation at Lewisville Elementary?

  1. Victims Rights

    The reason I asked if anyone heard anything is because I wonder if he made the decision because of the events or if the school system made the decision, I have a brain cell but I was thinking maybe he decided b/c he doesnt want to be involved in the mess over there or if they are hiding more things from the parents at the school, that was my point. As far as the investigation it has been some time and no word from anyone, wonder why, wonder if we will ever know what the truth is wonder if Mr Snow will be back next year, lots of unanswered questions that I think NEED to be answered before I send my kinds back there in August.

  2. Jon Lowder

    Sorry if the wording of my post made it sound like I was taking a dig at you Victims Rights. I really wasn’t. I was assuming that you were thinking along the lines that the two events were related (Mr. Rash transferring and the events of the past year) and the point I was trying to make is that just about anyone familiar eith the situation would agree with you.
    In your comment here you do make a good point that there could be a variety of reasons related to the events. I’d say we agree that the transfer is probably not coincidental.
    As for the pace of the investigation, I’m a little concerned that we’ll have a situation like the Watson case last year where the investigation stalls because the people involved are off on summer vacation so the necessary interviews don’t get done until next school year. That wouldn’t be fair to anyone.

  3. get real

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that Mr. Rash may be trying to escape certain individuals (who central office has done nothing about) that have made his life a living nightmare because of their own personal crusades? Or maybe he is leaving because those who made the false allegations the first time (which were found to have NO merit) will not let it rest until someone is fired, stoned, or jailed? AND those individuals are still around with no remorse or repercussions! It is scary when those few with personal agendas have all the power! The bottom line is that the reason for him leaving is no one’s business but his!

  4. Jon Lowder

    Get Real,
    I think it has occurred to many people interested in the situation that maybe Mr. Rash is trying to get away from the situation for the reasons you outline.
    I have to disagree with you that it isn’t anyone else’s business why he’s leaving. There are hundreds of parents of Lewisville students who want to know what kind of environment they’re sending their kids into every day. If Mr. Rash is indeed fleeing a poisonous environment, and there are people remaining who would create a negative atmosphere at the school, then the parents need to know that.
    Another point I’d make is that being a public school principal is not a job like many others. Principals hold a very public position within their local community and obviously they have a massive impact on the environment of the school. In that respect they’re like CEOs in private companies, except that their “products” are children put in their care by parents. It’s my opinion that the scrutiny that Mr. Rash has endured for the last 8 months comes with territory.
    Let me be clear here that I’m a fan of Mr. Rash’s. In the three years my kids were students at Lewisville all I heard were positive comments about the job he has done. He was given a great deal of credit for the school’s success and I think it was deserved. I also think that because he is so well respected there must be a pretty strong motivating factor, or factors, for him to leave. Put another way, I’d love to hear that Mr. Rash is transferring because the other school needed a boost or he’s looking for a new challenge, both of which are positive reasons, but I fear that he is leaving because the environment at Lewisville is so poisoned that he can’t take it anymore. In that case I can’t help but think that the teachers and kids at Lewisville next year will have to deal with that poisoned atmosphere and as a parent I’d want to know that.

  5. Victims Rights

    I agree to an extent that it is no ones business, but in this case we have had allegations made by different people at different times of the year, I don’t think they were anyway directed at Mr. Rash, but he being in charged of course got caught in the middle, so in this case I do think it is our business to know if the kids are okay. I personally want info about the allegations, why no charges the first time and why so ling this time and are any charges this time, I also want to know about the rumors of how the school handled the allegations and the families involved, which I have to believe b/c I know the sources, I think we deserve answers period. Why is it taking so long, why is it kind of like they are trying to do this fast and quietly? If it was involved over the 1st allegations why no why not back when it happened??? Why him, what about others involved? Just alot of questions. I hope he did move for a good enviroment change and I know other schools could use a person like him, but who is going to be at lewisville now?

  6. P Smith

    Mr. Lowder,
    I have to disagree with you to some degree your statement “What Mr. Rash has endured for the last 8 months comes with territory”. The problem with that is: “the territory” has changed so much in recent years. Yes, principals are public servants, however trying to meet the needs of the ever “diverse” opinions of the public whose “need to know” in this media obsessed culture has many times “tied the hands” of teachers and principals. If the public continues to just think “all of this” comes with the territory, public education is going to have a really hard time finding quality people to fill classrooms and school offices in this country. Great, dynamic people simply look elsewhere because there are too many negatives in dealing with the public who never seems to be satisfied in our Lawyer obsessed, “I’ll sue you”, “I’ll go over your head”, culture.
    Yes, You are safe to assume that Mr. Rash is leaving because his “hands were tied”. And Yes, there is a poisonous envirnoment at Lewisville. It will take a leader who is willing to come in and “shake things up” (particularly a few teachers) and make decisions on good conscience and not public opinion.
    My opinion is: Schools can’t be run like a total democracy. Remember we live in a representative democratic republic government. Sometimes, people have to make decisions that are not popular and not have input/say so every step of the way from the “concerned” public

  7. Jon Lowder

    P Smith,
    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that schools can not and should not be run like a democracy. That said I do think that because we are entrusting the care of our children to these people we are entitled to any information about the principal, teachers and other employees that affect our children. No we don’t need to know that Teacher A and Teacher B don’t get along, but we should be informed if Teacher A and Teacher B are at such a level of disagreement that they fight in front of our kids, or they slander each other to the kids. I think that when events get to the point that they impact the children then we do have the right to know about it.
    As for attracting qualified folks to teach and lead our schools I think the problem runs much deeper than the public scrutiny they have to endure. In my mind educators have as critical a job as anyone and should be treated with the same respect with which we treat doctors. Yet their pay is sub-par, they often dig into their own pockets for supplies, they have to deal with parents who view them as babysitters, etc. Add to that the increased pressure from having to meet standardized test minimums (don’t get me started on that) and what you have are teachers who are stressed and feel that they are working with one hand tied behind their back. And of course the principal is dealing with all of the same issues as well, but he/she also has disgruntled employees to manage.
    In a nutshell I think that schools are an extraordinary environment that necessarily lead to public exposure that most of us will never have to deal with in our daily work lives. I don’t think that means we should allow the people running the schools to work behind closed doors, but rather that we should give them the incentives and the tools to want to run the schools with all the scrutiny that it entails. In other words I think it would be great to be able to say, “Well, it’s times like these that he/she earns those big bucks.”

  8. Victims Rights

    I keep checking the Lewisville Website and the school systems sight and they have not said who the new principal at Lewisville will be. In all honesty I am not too concerned as I have made the decision to move my kids to another school b/c of this past year and I personally saw how they “didnt” handle these investigations the best way and how one child was put in “harms” way at the school b/c of these investigations and failure to act properly. But my friends have not decided if they are moving their kids, they wanted to wait for answer involving the investigation and such, so I wish they would end the suspense for the parents b/f school starts back…who is going to be the principal, is Mr Snow coming back, what was the outcome of the investigation, etc. I don’t think Mr Rash was the one they should have moved, but he is in charge of the school and if things arent going right then he gets the blame (if they moved him and he didnt decide to move).

  9. Lville Mom

    I had to find out about the principal search and Mr. Snow so I emailed the Asst. Supt. Charlene Davis. She said that they will meet with the Lewisville Staff tomorrow to get the teacher reps for the selection committee. They are going to interview during the first part of August and then take their recommendation to the board on August 14.
    As far as Mr. Snow, they are not saying anything because the investigation is still with the Sheriff’s department. She said nothing about Mr. Snow in her email.
    The frustration I have is the absolute lack of communication between the school system and the parents. I need to know. I am still on the fence if my child should return there. I do not like to say that because the teacher was great and our child grew mentally and socially with her guidance.
    Does anyone know how many other parents are feeling the same way?

  10. victims rights

    I totally understand Lville Mom, it was the same way I was feeling but when I saw what happened at the 5th grade dance I made my mind up very quickly and even though my children had great teachers after that incident I saw how they didnt do anything for this poor child. I was there I saw it it was unbelievable. I also feel like this whole investigation is taking too long and we have no communication from the school, no questions are answered and everything just feels like it was just up in the air and they dont care. TRUST ME THERE IS MORE TO THIS THAN ANYONE KNOWS and everyone is going to be shocked to the outcome, that is all I can say that when it is all said and done there will be more questions than answers and the school will not look so good. People need to insist on answers before school starts and insist on this investigation to be completed b/c it will answer a lot of your questions. we cant just sit back and wait for them, we need to really insist that if our kids are going to be there at that school we want answers, that is my thoughts anyway, but I got the answers I needed and I my children will go to another school, but I still want answers for piece of mind that my children were okay while they did go there.

  11. Jon Lowder

    Lville Mom,
    My son was in the 5th grade and will be going on to middle school this year so the personal urgency for us is kind of removed, but if he were supposed to be returning I would have the same feelings you do. It’s very surprising to me that they are waiting until a couple of weeks before school to have the decision made. How would you like to be the person selected to be principal and have only a couple of weeks to get acclimated? And of course this is very important for parents trying to determine where they want their kids to go to school.
    Victims Rights,
    This is the first I’ve heard about something happening at the 5th grade dance. Is that related to Mr. Snow’s suspension or was the dance after the suspension? Are we talking two separate incidences?

  12. Victims Rights

    The dance was after the investigation but b/c of the investigation. Trust me this story gets worse and worse as you hear more of the TRUTH.

  13. Victims Rights

    I am sorry after the suspension, I think none of it would have happened if the school would have handled the whole situation differently

  14. Victims Rights

    That is what I meant in my earlier post when I put a child was in harms way. It is unbelievable and the whole story just makes me sick to my stomach.

  15. Sligo

    Victims rights should stop spreading rumors until the investigation is finished. She is feeding this story with more innuendo. From what I have heard the dance “incident” supports the innocence of the teacher and makes the child look like a “drama” maker.

  16. sligo

    Again, As I mentioned in an earlier blog…To quote William Shakespeare: “Tho dost protest too much”–victims rights. If the truth is coming then let it come from the Sheriff’s department. Stop with the threats of shocking news to come. You were big supporter of the Sheriff’s department early on–now you seem to say they are dragging their feet. Which is it?

  17. victms rights

    sligo, I am sorry you were mislead I was at the dance and regardless an adult on school property approaching a child in a negative way is illegal, immoral and just outrageous, that child was not in anyway bothering that adult, nor was she discussing the teacher, that parent just assumed that child had something to do with it b/c of circumstances surrounding that child a few days b/f mr snow was suspended-pure speculation of an adult and for that adult to confront a child on school grounds without her parents or anyone to defend or protect a child is WRONG any way you look at it, we all have opinions on this case, we all have heard the rumors, we all have heard the stories but regardless I (nor most adults) would not approach a child, I am not sure if you were there or not but it was a happy event for these kids and a parent ruined it for one child whether or not that child is involved in the investigation or not it should not have been handled that way for any reason, regardless of my opinions on this case or any other case I would never ever approach a child in a negative way. Spreading rumors, that is not what I am doing I havent gave out any details for rumors, threats of shocking news to come is not a threat it is my opinion that when we all here the truth it will be a shock one way or another and I am a supporter of the Sheriffs department but I do think that now w/school coming back in we need something if they are not finished fine just make some sort of comment from the school system and the sheriffs dept to let us know that they are doing all they can or something to let us ask questions and get minium answers for now to make people for better, not lies just hope of truth. I dont want anyone to get hurt either way but I know what I saw and heard first hand from both sides of several different sources.


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