Perhaps the Greatest Spontaneous Gift of My Marriage

Frenchiefart14+ years of marriage has offered many surprises, but Celeste sprung one of the all time great spontaneous gifts on me this week.  While on a shopping spree she found some PJ bottoms from a company called National Underpants.  The bottoms, pictured at left, have a Monty Python image on them and the phrase "I fart in your general direction."  Unfortunately for Celeste, and the kids, this phrase is all too accurate, but I guess if I’m gonna possess the "talent" I might as well advertise.

The tag on the PJs was entertaining as well.  Here’s what it said:

National Underpants is the worlds leader in advanced underpant technology. With over 8000 years of research in underpants bending, elastic testing and thong rehabilitation, we know what goes in your pants needs to be able to stay there.

National Underpants. We’re here to support you.

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