Daddy’s Not-so-little Girl

PhotoToday’s the day that my little girl officially enters that frightening universe known as teenager-hood.  She turns 13 and I think she thinks she’s turning 31.  We’re already arguing over makeup, short-shorts, boys, you name it.  Barring the invention of a time machine I guess I’m just going to have to adjust, but some things are not changing and will never change and for that I’m thankful.
PhotoFirst of all she’s always going to be as beautiful a creature as you can lay your eyes on.  Yeah, yeah, I’m biased (shoot me) but take my word for it.  She’s also always going to stand up for herself (she’s the only one of our three kids who’s yelled back at me) and she’s always going to be whip-smart (straight A’s so far in middle school).  She will always possess a laugh that can be heard two counties away and will never be mistaken for a “polite” laugh.  She will always be a faithful friend, sister, daughter, niece, cousin and granddaughter.  You can bank on it.

And some day she’ll be some lucky guy’s girlfriend, fiance and eventually wife.  Hopefully those days are a long ways off, but when they come she’ll still be her daddy’s little girl.

Happy birthday sweetheart.

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