Bibliophile’s El Dorado

If you’re into books and you like free things then here are some sites just for you.  And if you’re like my wife Celeste and like nothing more than a good audio book then you’ll really love some of these:

  • Project Gutenberg – This granddaddy of online public domain book repositories now brags over 19,000 titles and all downloads are free.
  • – This site offers public domain audio books, but even better they’ve embraced "Web 2.0" technologies so you can sign up for podcasts.  That’s cool, but even better is that they also offer short fiction, poetry and children’s literature.  They’re looking for volunteer readers so if you’d like to read aloud to a wider audience than your children, or yourself, give ’em a go.
  • – Not all the titles on this site are free, but the reason is understandable: they hire professionals to do the readings and emphasize quality.  Once the books have been out a while they are moved to the Spoken Alexandria Project  and are available for free.  Both are housed at Alex Wilson Studios LLC in the great state of NC.
  • University of Pennsylvania’s Free Book Library – Claims to have over 25,000 titles.  Good indexing and updated very regularly.
  • UVa’s E-Text Center – Wow!  Just check it out as there’s too much there for me to describe.  Here’s a link to a page listing bestsellers from 1900-1930.

That ought to keep you busy a while.

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