Poo Cleaning Day

Until we moved to North Carolina I’d never had a septic system.  In other words all of our waste (i.e. poo) was sent through pipes to somewhere far away to be taken care of.  Now we have a big tank (1,000 gallons) buried in our front yard that stores it until someone comes along to pump it out.

We’ve lived here for two years and figured it was time we had that someone come by.  The way things have gone with this house we didn’t want to take any chances and good thing we called when we did because our septic tank was all "full up" and the last thing I want is poo in my yard unless it’s the dog’s.

I asked the guy we called if he ever watched Dirty Jobs and he said yes, and that the episode where the host tags along with a septic crew (pilot episode that first aired in ’03) was pretty much dead on.  He said our 1,000 gallons of poo was nothing; that the real nasty job is cleaning out the grease traps at places like the local school.  All I can tell you is that 1,000 gallons of poo is plenty nasty for me, and I’m not sure I’d ever want to find something nastier.

Below is a little video of the poo-sucking process I took with my camera phone.  I wasn’t originally going to shoot it, but just before I got my camera going our cat was sniffing around the hole and almost fell in.  I’d have paid some good money to see that!

Finally, if you’re looking for a good septic company in the Triad I can highly recommend Celestial Septic.   

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