Short Stories are Back

When I was in college I discovered that I really liked the short story.  As an English Lit major I spent a lot of time reading short stories and in my required English Composition courses I ended up writing a few as well.

Quick aside: If I ever find it I’ll post a story I wrote that was supposed to be a take off of James Thurber’s  The Secret Life of J. Walter Mitty. It involved sex and an alien and it got me an “A”.  It also taught me a lesson; I wrote it for a class that had about thirty women and two men and a middle-aged woman professor.  The professor made me read it aloud to the class and let’s just say it got me noticed.  That’s when I learned what “misogynist” meant. What the hell…I was 19 years old!

Anyway, after college I largely forgot about short stories so I’m kind of excited about Amazon’s new offering where you can buy individual short stories for 49 cents each.  Way cool! One of the things that turned me off about short stories was that you generally had to buy a “collected” short stories book to get them, or subscribe to the New Yorker or Atlantic Monthly.  Now I can get my stories without going high-brow which is key since I’m a definitively low-brow to middle-brow guy.

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