Change is Good?

I caught up with one of my college roommates today.  Tony and I are both pretty bad about picking up a phone and calling so we can go long stretches without talking, but we always pick up right where we left off.  The big news is that he and his wife Amy are expecting their first child which begat his other big news which is they sold their townhouse and are moving into a big house.

Towards the end of our conversation he mentioned that he checks out my blog every once in a while and he can’t believe how conservative I’ve become.  I think he used the term "fascist bastard" in there somewhere (you have to understand that Tony is from Scotland and taught me everything I know about cussing, which is alot) and he also wondered aloud how disappointed my mother must be in me.

I’ll admit I was a pretty liberal punk in college, but once I got out in the real world and started paying attention to things outside of my own little corner of the universe I definitely lost some of my leftist viewpoints.  On the other hand I retain enough liberal ideas that I’d say I’m far from conservative.  Still it was interesting seeing a glimpse of myself from the perspective of someone who knew the then me and the now me.  Sometimes I miss the former but I’m thankful I made it to the latter since if my old self had held sway on my life path I’d probably be living semi-nude on a commune eating tofu and carrots. Yes, the whole world is better off not having to suffer through that.

1 thought on “Change is Good?

  1. Mom

    Could not resist. Tony, if you happen to be reading today, three messages: 1. Hearty, hearty congratulations. The world needs more Scots — especially those with American moms. 2. Hi to your mom. 3. Jon’s mom thinks he’s become MORE liberal, so either I don’t know him now, or I didn’t know him them — maybe both. In any case, the trees he’s hugged are alive and well, there’s enough tofu to go around because I — the most bleeding of liberals according to both my sons — hate it as do a number of my ideological compadres, and most important of all as Jon knows and you are about to learn being a parent is packed with surprises, start to finish! Jon’s Mom


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