Community Relations, Wal-Mart Style

Wal-Mart is rewriting the book on corporate community relations with their innovative business practices.  To support this statement I enter into evidence this item from Dunkirk, Maryland (courtesy WMDT):

DUNKIRK, Md. (AP) – Wal-Mart is trying a new tactic to skirt
local ordinances limiting the size of its stores.

The company now plans to build two stores side-by-side at a site
in Calvert County where plans for a single big store were thwarted
by a size limit adopted last year.

Wal-Mart officials are calling it one of the first arrangements
of its kind in the country. The store and garden center in Dunkirk
will have separate entrances, utilities, and restrooms. And the
combined size of the stores will be 30 percent larger than the
75-thousand square-foot limit for a single store.

The community affairs manager for Wal-Mart’s eastern region, Mia
Masten, believes it’s the first time Wal-Mart will build two
adjacent stores in response to size restrictions. And she says it’s
a strategy the company is likely to consider in other areas.
Dunkirk residents who object to the potential traffic are urging
county planners not to allow Wal-Mart to skirt the rules.

And they wonder why some folks in Winston-Salem are getting their panties in a bunch over the proposed site on the W-S/Forsyth County line.

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