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Giving Credit Where It’s Due. Or Not.

Just about any time you watch a football game you'll hear something along the lines of, "The quarterback gets too much credit during a win, and too much blame for a loss."  The same is often said for POTUS, and in general I agree with the sentiment. Of course there are people who will give POTUS credit for everything and if you don't believe me check out this quote from a call received by the Greensboro Public Affairs Department (page 3 of a 31 page PDF) in regards to water resources:

´╗┐Caller says she has always suspected the city was overcharging citizens for water. Recently, her suspicions were confirmed when she read in the paper that the city has been ripping off citizens and overcharging them for water. She states it was on every newspaper and TV channel. She states that she wants the amount she has been overcharged refunded to her. She went on to add that she thanks Obama and the city for coming out and renovating her house with all new appliances and everything that they have done for her otherwise.