Jon’s 2018 Virtual Walk Around the Triad for Second Harvest, May 1 – July 7

I’m raising money as part of the Food Drive that my employer (Piedmont Triad Apartment Association)  for Second Harvest Food Bank of NWNC and you can help by either donating to Second Harvest or sponsoring a portion of my walk (see below for details).

What I’m doing: Walking 367 miles in 68 days. Why that distance? It’s the equivalent of walking the perimeter of PTAA’s territory.

How it works:

  • I have 68 days to walk 367 miles, which is an average of 5.4 miles a day.
  • I will track my activity using my Fitbit and post that day’s activity online (Here, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Pretty simple, huh?

Where you come in:

  • Make a commitment to donate a certain amount of money to Second Harvest for each mile I finish. Just click the Donate Now button below, which will take you to my team page at the donation site that Second Harvest set up for PTAA, or if you’re old-school you can mail in your donation to Second Harvest. If you do mail a check just shoot me an email letting me know how much you sent so I can add it to our Food Drive total.


$1 = 7 meals  – Second Harvest can leverage every dollar donated to provide seven nutritious meals.

$1 = $2 for this drive. How? Each dollar you give will be matched by Second Harvest’s Circle of Champions for Kids to provide twice as many meals for children in need. Just imagine: a gift of $25 becomes $50 and can provide two summer camp classes full of children healthy lunches for a week!

A $1 Donation = 14 meals (Feeds a family of 4 for 1 Day)
A $10 Donation = 140 meals (Feeds a family of 4 for 11 Days)
A $20 Donation = 280 meals (Feeds a family of 4 for 23 Days)
A $100 Donation = 1,400 meals (Feeds a family of 4 for 116 days)
A $367 Donation = 5,138 meals (Feeds a family of 4 for OVER A YEAR – 428 days!)



Sponsorship Level: $20/day or $100/week

Sponsor Benefits:

  • I will wear whatever shirt, hat, pin, visor, etc. you provide on the days you sponsor. (I do reserve the right to not wear anything that I might find objectionable or too uncomfortable for the walk).
  • You can choose any of the dates on the calendar below that aren’t already sponsored, so if you want we can coordinate it to coincide with your own company event(s).
  • Pictures and links to your website and/or social media accounts will be posted on all of my personal social media accounts.
  • You will get a nice letter acknowledging your support.
  • Specific for PTAA member companies – your contribution will count towards your total for the Owner’s Cup!

Just use the form below to sign up to sponsor and I’ll coordinate the details with you.

Let’s get busy and help feed the hungry in our community!

Here’s a calendar showing days with available sponsorship and my planned activities for any given day: