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Nice VW Ad Found Via Guerrilla Communication Blog

Guerrilla Communication Blog is one of my favorite business-y blogs to follow and it earns bonus points because Winston-Salem is its current home.  Here's a New Zealand VW ad that they pointed to and is that increasingly rare breed of advertising that can be called good:


Sam Peacocke | VW 'Milk Run' from Rokkit on Vimeo.

Staples Looking for Ten Thousand Winners

Staples is running a promotion called Gift It for Free that is a sweepstakes that will have 10,000 winners who can fill up a shopping cart and get all the items for free. The promotion is running until Christmas Eve so visit the site and enter to win.

The promotion came to my attention because a rep from one of their agencies emailed me about it and about their social media efforts for the promotion, including a Facebook fan page, a Twitter profile, and several YouTube videos.  They've created a character called Coach Tom who believes there should only be one winner in anything (a play on the 10,000 winners) and they have fun with that theme with the videos.  I've pasted one below and if you click through to YouTube you'll see that there's several videos and they're pretty good. 

Commercial Done Right

Let's be honest.  Most commercials on TV, well, suck.  I mean really stink.  That's why I love it when I see one that not only entertains me, but actually informs me about the product.  The E-Trade baby commercials fit the bill perfectly, especially this one:

Me Thinks This Olympic Gymnast Needs New Media Advisor

Shawn Johnson won gold and silver medals in gymnastics at the recently concluded 08 Summer Games in Beijing.  Obviously it’s time for her to cash in and help her parents pay off the multiple mortgages they took out to finance her Olympic dream.  I’m thinking she can do better than the Ortega commercial below.  Let’s just say that people online are having fun with her line, "Ortega makes my taco pop." 

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