Federal Judge Says No to Sectarian Prayer at Forsyth County Public Meetings

A federal judge has ruled that Forsyth County has to stop opening public meetings with sectarian prayer. The attorney representing the county said he hopes there will be an appeal. I'm hoping the commissioners cut their losses and get down to dealing with real issues. This has been an ongoing issue for way too long.

That Prayer Thing Again

Some folks in these parts wonder what the big deal is about county commissions or city councils inviting clergy to pray and then allowing the clergy to deliver sectarian prayers. After all most of the prayers are Christian and most of the citizens are Christian so what's the issue? First of all, the government represents […]

The Prayer Bill Comes Due

Hopefully this will be the last time I write about the Forsyth County prayer case. I've written (many times) before about my disagreement with the Forsyth County commissioners who voted to fight the ACLU-backed lawsuit regarding sectarian prayers before commission meetings, so I won't rehash it all here. I will, however, cover one aspect of […]

A Prayer Tip from Onslow County

I came across a story on the website of the Jacksonville (NC) Daily News website about the Onslow County Manager declining to pray at the county commissioners meeting because of the recent Forsyth County prayer ruling by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  That ruling held that only non-sectarian prayers can be given to open […]

Help Fight the Forsyth Prayer Ruling or Play the Lottery

I suspect some people in Forsyth County are going to gamble, and lose, in the fight against a federal judges ruling against the county commissioners' prayer policy. You ask me they'd be better served playing the lottery. Here's why this is silly: no one has been barred from praying to whatever deity they desire at […]

Dealing With Surprising Social Media Fame

Update 8/2/14 – NPR has a story about this and in it mention that they are checking with the Justice Department to see if the restaurant’s policy is a violation of the prohibition against public businesses like restaurant’s discrimating based on religion. It would seem not since the discount is supposedly at the discretion of […]

Airing of Grievances Coming to a Commission Meeting Near You

A front page article in the July 15, 2014 Wall Street Journal makes the point that the recent SCOTUS ruling allowing prayers before public meetings is an opportunity for atheists too: The former president of the Freethinkers of Upstate New York, Mr. Courtney says he plans to give a four-minute speech highlighting the notion that […]

Do Unto Others

I’ve written often about the public meeting prayer issue we had in Forsyth County, and as a result I had many opportunities to discuss the issue with friends, family and readers of this little ‘ol blog of mine. In those discussions one of my greatest frustrations was when someone would say, “Well if they don’t […]

Dominionist Theocracy

Remember the Forsyth County (NC) prayer case that was appealed all the way to the Supreme Court? If not you can find all kinds of references to it here. In a nutshell the county commissioners were accused of favoring one religion (Christianity) over others because they invited Christian religious leaders to open the commission meetings […]