Forsyth County Commissioners’ Prayer Lawsuit Not Heard by Supreme Court

Today the US Supreme Court declined to take up the Forsyth County commissioners' prayer case: The U.S. Supreme court this morning rejected Forsyth County's appeal of lower court rulings against the county's policy of allowing sectarian prayers at the opening of meetings of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners. According to a live blog sponsored […]

Federal Judge Says No to Sectarian Prayer at Forsyth County Public Meetings

A federal judge has ruled that Forsyth County has to stop opening public meetings with sectarian prayer. The attorney representing the county said he hopes there will be an appeal. I'm hoping the commissioners cut their losses and get down to dealing with real issues. This has been an ongoing issue for way too long.

Forsyth County’s Chances in Prayer Lawsuit are Looking Pretty Dim

I've made no secret of my disagreement with the Forsyth County Commissioners' stance on prayer before County meetings, but I'm bummed that they have pursued the legal case to the point where they are set to lose in court and I'm hoping that we taxpayers aren't going to be on the hook for legal fees.  […]

The Prayer Bill Comes Due

Hopefully this will be the last time I write about the Forsyth County prayer case. I've written (many times) before about my disagreement with the Forsyth County commissioners who voted to fight the ACLU-backed lawsuit regarding sectarian prayers before commission meetings, so I won't rehash it all here. I will, however, cover one aspect of […]

A Prayer Tip from Onslow County

I came across a story on the website of the Jacksonville (NC) Daily News website about the Onslow County Manager declining to pray at the county commissioners meeting because of the recent Forsyth County prayer ruling by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  That ruling held that only non-sectarian prayers can be given to open […]

Should Forsyth County’s Board of Commissioners Appeal?

I've long been on record that I don't like the position of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners on the prayer case they've been fighting.  For those of you not from the Winston-Salem area let me nutshell it for you:  For years the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners opened its meetings with an invocation delivered […]

Yes! Weekly – Jesus Channeled by Four Forsyth Commissioners

Quote of the day comes from Yes! Weekly editorial that takes a unique stance by contrasting prayer and video poker policies: Either way, in voting to appeal, the county is committing to feed the lawyers on this one. So far it’s being underwritten by the NC Partnership for Religious Liberty, which is accepting donations through […]

Help Fight the Forsyth Prayer Ruling or Play the Lottery

I suspect some people in Forsyth County are going to gamble, and lose, in the fight against a federal judges ruling against the county commissioners' prayer policy. You ask me they'd be better served playing the lottery. Here's why this is silly: no one has been barred from praying to whatever deity they desire at […]