So Who Prays for Forsyth County?

After I vented my spleen yesterday I got to thinking that maybe I’d spouted off about the Forsyth County commissioners a little to rashly.  Specifically I said: The Forsyth County commissioners and sectarian prayer supporters consistently point out that the commissioners invite representatives of different religions to open their meetings and so the current policy […]

Airing of Grievances Coming to a Commission Meeting Near You

A front page article in the July 15, 2014 Wall Street Journal makes the point that the recent SCOTUS ruling allowing prayers before public meetings is an opportunity for atheists too: The former president of the Freethinkers of Upstate New York, Mr. Courtney says he plans to give a four-minute speech highlighting the notion that […]

Alliance Defense Fund Still Around

If you thought the folks at the Alliance Defense Fund took their ball and went home after taking the Forsyth County Commissioners' prayer case and running with it all the way to the US Supreme Court and losing, you'd be wrong. They've reappeared as an influencer of the controversial NC Amendment One on tomorrow's primary […]

Pray for Our Horses

Anyone who thinks Forsyth County is just another sleepy, southern county that's home to a medium-sized city that was founded by members of a mainstream religion that hardly anyone outside of NC or PA has heard of, is smoking crack.  Where else would you have government officials who are simultaneously fighting in court to be […]

The ACLU is an Equal Opportunity Ticker Offer

It always cracks me up to hear pigeon hole the ACLU as some sort of liberal activist group.  I guess they are if "liberal" means defending all peoples' civil liberties no matter which end of the political spectrum they fall on.  Sure, conservatives are ticked about the whole Forsyth County Commissioners' prayer issue, but I […]

Stupid Preacher

I’m not going to mince words: I think that if this letter to the editor in the Winston-Salem Journal from Robert L. Hutchens, Pastor of Meadowview Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, is any indication of his intellect then he’s about as poor a leader of a flock as you’re going to find. His letter is written, […]