Not a Macaca Moment After All

A while back I wrote a post asking if Forsyth County DA Tom Keith had a "macaca moment" based on a quote in a Yes! Weekly article. Well the reporter misquoted the DA, and when he changed the word "statistics" to "instincts" he completely changed the meaning of the quote. From the article about the misquote: 

The comment, posted in an issue of YES! Weeklyreads:

"If you're African American, you're six, seven or eight times more likely to have a violent history," Keith said. "I didn't go out there and put a gun in your hand and say, 'You commit eight crimes, and I'm a white man, I'll commit one.' That's just instincts, that's just how it is."

Clarey says after reviewing the audio his reporter had with Keith, the word "instinct" was really "statistics". At an afternoon press conference, Clarey apologized directly to Keith and said it was "honest mistake". Keith was there and accepted the apology.

Just goes to show that a small mistake can make a big difference. 

According to this story at some local pastors called for Tom Keith's resignation.  I wonder if they'll stick to that after finding out that Keith was misquoted. 

1 thought on “Not a Macaca Moment After All

  1. darkmoon

    Wow. That’s a big difference as far as word choices to actually misquote. Having also been misquoted in the past from another one of Brian’s reporters, you have to wonder what sort of double-checking with audio they do. I suppose if it’s a big deal, Brian goes back and checks just to make sure. Love Yes Weekly, but not so hot on some of the reporters. lol.


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