One of Greensboro’s Original Blogger Candidates Won’t Have Campaign Blog

Greensboro's been a hotbed for blogging since the old days, like 2004.  In fact I have fond memories of meeting lots of Greensborians (ites? ists?) at the original ConvergeSouth and one person I talked to at that time was Jay Ovittore.  He's run for public office since then and as far as I know he was the first candidate to use a blog as a primary campaign tool.  Currently he's a candidate for Greensboro City Council.  Below is the text of a press release he sent out early to bloggers and the interesting part to me is that he won't have a campaign blog.  On the other hand he is using Twitter and Facebook which I guess you could call a sign of the times.  Here's the release:

Candidate Launches Online Media

Greensboro, NC, 08/04/09 – Today, Jay Ovittore, candidate for Greensboro City Council- District 3, has launched his online campaign.   

Jay Ovittore for City Council 's online presence will consist of a static webpage located at, a Facebook group located at, and a Twitter feed located at

There is no campaign blog this time around.  Ovittore continues to blog as a Contributing Editor and NC Issues Coordinator at, where he fights for consumers rights on issues related to the cable and telecom industry.  Ovittore also still contributes from time to time at

Ovittore will remain available for comment on all issues pertaining to the campaign via e-mail and wants to "hear from concerned citizens on the issues that are important to them". 

For additional information Jay Ovittore can be reached personally through the contacts on the webpage, via phone at 336-790-4611, or via e-mail at

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