Vernon Robinson, Winston-Salem City Council Member, is Blogging

A leader in Winston-Salem finally took me up on my offer to help them get blogging, and to even host the blog.  City council member Vernon Robinson’s blog can be found here at

Last week Vernon and I had a meeting that reminded me of 1999.  We met up at the Starbucks on Hanes Mall Blvd. and mapped out what he was going to do to get the blog started.  An hour or two later we had some specific steps to take and lo and behold just one week later he’s live.  Let me be the first to congratulate him.

We also spent a lot of time dissecting what other leaders are doing with their blogs.  Before the meeting I’d pointed him to some of the blogs over in Greensboro, like Sandy Carmany’s and he definitely did his homework.  He also gave me a nice overview of what he thought Howard Dean accomplished in last year’s election, and he had no problem expressing his admiration for their achievements.  I found that refreshing given Vernon’s standing as a well-known Republican.

So go visit and give Vernon a nice blogger hello, and if there are any other civic leaders in Winston-Salem who want to get blogging feel free to drop me a line at jon.lowder AT

2 thoughts on “Vernon Robinson, Winston-Salem City Council Member, is Blogging


    Winston Salem City Council: Vernon Robinson is blogward ho!

    Winston Salem is finally seeing what the blogosphere can do, especially after MSM got a hold of it. So it seems at least, with city council member Vernon Robinson stepping up to the plate. I spend half my time in…


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